ISG Provider Lens™ Annual Plan 2019

Our 2019 research agenda will provide continuous research and covers both ITO and BPO areas. To view and participate in this program, click here to download the 2019 Research Agenda.

ISG Provider Lens™ - Regional Expansion

Our advisors are the primary consumers of the IPL reports. In 2018 year we expanded the Provider Lens program to cover several geographies such as U.K., Pan-Europe, Pan-Americas, Brazil and Australia markets apart from US and Germany, to support ISG FutureSource™. In 2019, we will begin the year with fewer geographies like US, UK, Brazil, Australia, Germany and Nordics being the latest addition and further expand into other markets like Pan-Europe, Canada, Pan-Americas for some of the future studies. Global studies will continue to be part of both archetype and quadrant reports. These additional research studies and these markets are critical for ISG and represent our largest client bases and the service line topics of highest focus for our sourcing clients.