ISG Provider Lens™

ISG Provider Lens™ is a practitioner-led service provider comparison, empowered by ISG’s well-known advisory expertise and their data-driven research team. ISG Provider Lens™ research reports provide independent vendor evaluations and enterprise buying behavior segmentation. Service provider data, from either primary or secondary research, will translate into three different outputs. They are categorized as:

  • ISG Provider Lens™ Quadrant Reports: ISG compares and positions service providers in a graphic presentation based on their service portfolio strength and market competitiveness. Based on their relative positioning, service providers are identified as leaders, challengers or contenders. These studies are conducted over multiple regions and for multiple service line topics, in the IT, BPO and industry-specific domains.
  • ISG Provider Lens™ Archetype Reports: ISG segments the prevalent enterprise buying behaviors for various domains or service lines. These buying behaviors or archetypes generally represent different enterprise preferences based on their maturity journey. These studies also highlight unique service providers best suited to serve each of these archetypes. The archetype studies are conducted at a global level.
  • ISG Provider Lens Profiles: One of the key outputs from the data collected from the providers is the ISG Provider Lens™ profile. These profiles reflect the data collected for Provider Lens reports and then translated into provider capability presentations. ISG advisors actively leverage these profiles when helping clients evaluate their current vendor relationship and potential new engagements.

Participation in ISG research studies is FREE OF CHARGE. Service providers can purchase reprint rights of the study for marketing, press and sales purposes and participate in ISG press release for each study.

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The Candidate Provider Qualification (CPQ) process is a key component of the ISG FutureSource™ methodology and ISG Provider Lens™ is a critical source of data for the CPQ program. As part of this program ISG advisors are provided with a list of all applicable service providers to produce the initial recommendation long list for their enterprise engagements. Based on the enterprise client’s requirements and maturity, the ISG Provider Lens™ team also provides relevant strengths and weakness points for the selected service providers along with their profiles, briefing materials and data point comparisons to support their recommendations. (For more information, click on the CPQ tab)

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