• Outsourcing contracts become uncompetitive over time, as services are added and COLA clauses kick in

  • Determining price competitiveness using a tripartite benchmark is costly, and typically is performed only once every 12 to 18 months

  • Most organizations don’t know when their contract becomes uncompetitive, or by how much

ISG ProBenchmark


Proactively learn when your contract becomes uncompetitive


Renegotiating a $20 million (ACV) contract six months earlier could result in an additional $1 million in savings*

*  Assumes a 10% savings opportunity

  • Avoid contract value leakage with access to real-time market price intelligence

  • At-a-glance dashboard visibility to contract price competitiveness against the market

  • Level the playing field when it comes to price intelligence

  • Timely, accurate and actionable results

ProBenchmark Subscription for Market Price Comparisons


Sample Case Study - Infrastructure Services Pricing


  • The pricing increase between 2019 Q1 and 2019 Q2 was due in part to the impact of the COLA clause.
  • When the client saw the discrepancy, they renegotiated their rates more favorably in 2019 Q3, saving $2.4 million over the next twelve months
  • The client is a North American Financial Services Firm
  • Services include both data center and end-user computing services

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