Optimize your strategic direction and digital projects so they are defensible in a transparent industry.

ISG has the industry knowledge and experience to advise utilities on cloud and agile digital projects, mergers and acquisitions and more.

Turn to ISG for industry-specific understanding and best-in-market solutions.

ISG can help you:

  • Rapidly take costs out in light of COVID-19 pressures and concerns
  • Reconcile incompatible IT landscapes and service delivery models post-acquisition while still delivering on the cost reduction expectations just set
  • Design and source Utility-specific vendor management solutions
  • Guarantee regulatory-grade benchmarks and provide expert testimony

Go digital with us:

  • Manage the risks of building new digital platforms
  • Increase agility and improve IT cost and value during service agreements’ renewal periods and beyond
  • Obtain the kind of digital experiences providers offer to other industries
  • Control the costs and risks of moving to cloud-based solutions


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