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ISG Public Sector

What does operational excellence look like for governmental entities?

It’s a back-office and IT environment that is transformed and optimized so you can deliver critical public services.

Public agencies must reduce their budgets, manage expenditures to evolve with the pace of technology, pivot with shifting demographics, and transition to new digital operating models, all while maintaining service continuity.

For more than 20 years, ISG’s deeply experienced consultants have helped countries, states, provinces, counties and cities address these challenges and serve their constituents.



Software & Advisory Services

Benefit from the Best in the Business

A model public sector entity requires state-of-the-art enterprise resource planning (ERP) and other critical software systems. How do you acquire best-in-class software?

You need a business partner with expertise in the full cycle of ERP and software advisory support, from sourcing to implementation to post-deployment support. You need to successfully match your business needs with a software package’s capability, so you can improve business operations and reduce risks. We bring experience, sourcing know-how, best-in-class methodology and world-class market data to guide you through assessing, sourcing, implementing and managing your ERP software. 

Rapid Cost Takeout

Repurpose and Reinvent

Is a limited budget preventing you from pursuing critical business plans?

You need to restrict your expenditures to sustain economic uncertainty now and in the future. ISG’s process assessments and operations reviews can identify, design and implement suitable candidates for automation and work with you to discover the best way to train and repurpose talent and increase efficiencies. The saved dollars can be reinvested in other projects or used to bolster service delivery to your citizens.



Project and Change Management

Gain guidance and leadership through formidable transformations 

ISG’s Organizational Change Management (OCM) experts are the market leaders in helping public sector staff adapt to new business environments and prepare for an uncertain future.

Our Project Management team brings the domain experience, know-how, and best-in-class methodologies to manage your biggest transformation initiatives.

IT Operational Excellence

Transform to Operational Success

ISG helps public sector clients transform operations through research, benchmarking and consulting.

You need the best service offering from the most capable service provider at a competitive price. ISG’s Sourcing Solutions help public sector organizations design and implement their chosen sourcing strategy with a structured and systematic approach. 

To serve your constituents and live up to taxpayer expectations in the digital economy, you must design, source, configure, deploy and manage next-generation network technology. ISG’s Network Advisory Services offers a range of solutions, including network strategy and design, contract audit and forensic services, network sourcing, and transition and transformation services.

ISG Automation can help you transform the way you work. Let us help guide you through the hurdles of adoption, ensuring the optimal future state with best-fit technologies.

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