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An Operational Stake in the Ground: Benchmarking as a Strategic Tool for Regional Health Insurers

In the face of looming and imminent transformation of the healthcare environment, regional not-for-profit providers—most notably the “Blues network”—are in many cases searching for their competitive identities. In the new world of healthcare, what will the differentiator be? Price? Product? Service experience? Or some combination of all three?

Whatever direction is taken, prioritizing appropriate people, time and dollar resources to drive improvement will be essential to the Blues’ ability to execute their operational strategy. Opportunities exist to use outsourcing and nearsourcing to reduce costs, enhance flexibility and scalability, and facilitate business transformation. An effective outsourcing strategy can also deliver results quickly—an essential benefit in a business environment increasingly characterized by a sense of urgency. But before embarking on their sourcing journeys, the Blues need to understand where they’re starting from and where the key opportunities lie.

This ISG white paper examines how benchmarking and comparative analysis can be applied to address a wide range of business challenges facing healthcare payer providers, specifically the regional Blues carriers.