ISG Blockchain Xchange™

The single source for information about the business of blockchain

“How can I find consortia relevant to my operational problems?”
“What typical use cases do other organizations use?”

The ISG Blockchain Xchange™ is a free resource that allows you to search the world’s blockchain consortia by industry affiliation, operational function and region. Each entry is downloadable. Our searchable database of use cases provides details about how others are deploying blockchain.



ISG-Blockchain-Xchange-DemoLearn how blockchain can solve your business challenges.

Blockchain solutions cut across industries and government functions to solve complex problems related to security, traceability and efficiency. But these solutions require a new way of working.

Private and public sector organizations that traditionally have not worked together now must figure out how to collaborate. To facilitate this new form of “coopetition,” new consortia are forming around the world to explore the possibilities of blockchain technology. The number and focus of these consortia is changing rapidly. Make your decisions based on the latest information.